ECOBOARDIN’ is a company unlike any other. ECOBOARDIN is the first company to bring electric powered, jet propelled surfboard engine to the United States. This is a must have for any expert or avid surfer in the United States.

This incredible electric powered jet propulsion surfboard can go up to 25 mph and last up to 2 hours on just one battery, oh and did I mention the batteries are rechargeable in under an hour?! ECOBOARDIN’ is taking surfing and time out on the water to a whole new level with the introduction of the Carver surfboard. ECOBOARDIN’ knew that this amazing product had to be shared with the world so as a result they team up with me, Kal Visuals to capture and showcase these incredible boards in action. Not only that, we wanted to show that these surfboards can be used by any level of surfer from a professional to a beginner. Moreover, these boards are eco-friendly and can be taken to lakes, rivers, streams, beaches….if there’s water this bad boy can fly.

Check out some amazing sequences shot by filmmaker Kyle Loftus of Kal Visuals showcasing the Carver electric jet surfboard and how it rides as we tour the entire state of Florida with the boards hitting up Fort Pierce, Fort Meyers, Saint Petersburg and Miami. Witness the power of this electric jet surfboard and some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida. The easy to ride and handle Carver will take you to nice remote spots and the best spring break locations available.

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