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Who is BigBite Media?

Hello Brands! We’re Big Bite. We’re a full-service global agency, built for the now. Day in, day out, we propel some of the biggest brands in the world to the intersection of attention and culture. And we bring heart to that hustle, because empathy is our mindset.

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  • Quality Produced Broadcast Commercials for radio & TV.

  • Digital advertising on social media networks, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more.


BigBite Media offers a wide variety of benefits to our clients.  We have listed some of the primary benefits below.  


Our strategic process is unlike any other you have seen.

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We Are Extremely

We created the box that we think outside of!

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Whether its for a small or big production, we produce!

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We offer solutions to excel and sustain viable marketing campaigns.

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Paid Media

We are certified and understand paid media!

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We get the most out of your advertising efforts.

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A smart and profitable way to advertise.

Working with BigBite Media makes sense for any business that wants to succeed with their ad campaign today, and tomorrow. 

How it works


Major Brands As Clients

We work with large and small brands alike.


Revenue Generated

Our campaigns have resulted in high yields on ad investments.

Our Services

Our services offer viable and sustainable advertising solutions.

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BigBite Strategy

We have one goal – to create content that speaks. And today, that can mean a whole lot of things in addition to simply meeting business objectives. Does it work within the budget? Will it work within the timeline? Does it work for target segmentation? What about the platform? And did we mention the budget?

We build brands for the now. But, what does that mean strategically? We start by analyzing who’s paying attention. In order to give runway for creative work that is relevant and impactful, we need to understand how and where particular people consume content. Ultimately, it’s consumer attention that informs how we execute.

We then action our learnings via “the ICE effect,” (Innovation, Creation, Education) a tight, collaborative triple threat between strategy, creative, and media. We start with rich intelligence, mined by our vision authoritarians, to provide the creative team with a human-centric, up-to-the-moment understanding of our audience. Media and creative then act on that shared understanding of the consumer vision and brand opportunity. And, we execute sinuously, testing and learning to understand what works, with whom, in the context of each platform. It’s an iterative process that allows us to multiply positive outcomes faster, more frequently, and to greater effect.

Our Creative

Brands today come with no shortage of guardrails and walls. And that’s perfectly fine by us. We believe the smaller the box, the bigger the idea.  Our combined creative and production team consists of writers, designers, art directors, editors, animators, directors, and producers – all working to produce quality content for virtually every channel at the rapid speed of culture. Everything from Super Bowl commercials to Snapchat filters. Our team comes from big brands like Sony, Google, Toyota, Mazda, Tequila 1800 and more. 

And, we hack culture to maximize planning for innovation in short-term. In fact, culture is our vantage point. We’re always thinking about how we can create relevance for a brand in the cultural context of NOW.  Whether it is seasonal, regional, or the latest meme, we always want to be finding a natural way in. We identify the most authentic connection between your brand and what captures people’s attention.

Paid Media

Our department is comprised of industry practitioners who pride themselves on understanding the full breadth and depth of media channels that drive business outcomes for brands. Media strategies often fail or succeed based on how well the channel-specific details have been planned out and accounted for, making these details something we care deeply about. The media division consists of several disciplines, including media planning, buying, and research, as well as reporting, analytics, and advertising technology.

Although organic search and social media are really appealing for for gaining visibility and traffic online at low-cost, they are often lacking in control and fiercely competitive.

What’s more, the big-six platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube are looking to monetise their platforms, such that they are becoming ‘pay-to-play’ if you want to maximize visibility and response.

We believe that to maximise the effectiveness of your online marketing, all businesses should review the paid media options available which we feature in detail in our digital media ‘cheatsheet’.  If you don’t advertise online already, we recommend you start with Google AdWords or Facebook while larger businesses will want to explore the Programmatic options.


We’re a full-service content laboratory for the 21st century. We have partnered up with Qreative Concepts and Truvisionz Productions to build an in-house studio furnished with modern equipment to make our end-to-end process streamlined and nimble.

Our innovative, forward-thinking team of storytellers, featuring industry veterans and digital natives, nurture digital and broadcast productions through all phases of development—from research to post-production to launch.

Storyboards. Motion design. Animation. Visual effects. Our posse of expert artists and animators is armed with top-tier tools and software to bring imaginative concepts to life and win over clients.

How it works?

The process of how it works is easily defined.  But There is great attention to detail in every step.

Our Creative

Being creative means creating the box to think outside of.

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Solving the advertising problem for all brands.

Advertising is forever changing. By having BigBite Media on your team, you are gaining a partnership that runs parallel with change.

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January 15th, 2019|0 Comments

My Blueprint internal explainer video created for L'Oréal.

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My Loreal

January 15th, 2019|0 Comments

My Blueprint internal explainer video created for L'Oréal.

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